About Us

Our farm, Klipdrift, has been in the du Toit family for generations. Growing up here, I always thought that the spot is somewhat mysterious, almost miraculous, and I wanted the world to see it.  As a little girl, I dreamt of having a huge party in the old little shack, which is now renovated into the beautiful little church it once was. My idea was always a Halloween party, because, back in the day, the place had that somewhat creepy feel to it. My party didn’t happen when I was 13.Gys & Nonnie (220)vPINIMAGEV

When Gys asked the big question July 2011, I knew I didn’t have to search the Net for a venue. My venue was, as I have always known, somewhere on the soil of that farm. Cleaning out a barn and draping the place was just not what I had in mind. I mean, a draped venue I can find anywhere!

My dad had a great idea brewing – he knew just the spot! As we entered the blue gum forest, where I played hide-and-seek as a little girl, he started talking about his ideas…this will be here and that will be there.

7 months later we tied the knot in the most perfect venue any girl can ask for! Made of wood, somewhat rusted sink and stone, with a roof which definitely doesn’t need draping, De Oudekraal was born. Today, Gys and I, together with the help of my parents, life our dream of crisp country life.  We reflect our down-to-earth venue by working with our brides (and grooms ☺ ) in a relaxed, helpful and friendly manner.

Our aim with De Oudekraal? We want to give other people a piece of our happiness!

Gys & Nonnie / Daan & Madelaine